Thursday, April 17, 2008

And He's Apparently Got an Armadillo in His Trousers

Me and Becks, we're just alike.

Okay, I've never cheesed 2 maybe 3 massive PKs for my country. Shit I don't even sit courtside for Laker games (that is a Laker game isn't it?).

But, if I did, I would totally stare at the Miller Lite girl's ass with the exact same "I want to bend you over and screw you six ways to Saturday and twice on Sunday... oh, and I want your friend over by the baseline to join us" look in my eyes.

Because that's pretty much what his look says.

Although hers kind of says, "Maybe if I stand a little more to the left and bend just a little more... Shit, I probably shouldn't have had the cheesecake for dessert last night after all."

Anyway, take notes Señor Belichick. That is how you ogle.

Use a subtle glance. Taking pictures might work for scouting the opponent's red zone during Super Bowl week, but when you try to do it of college coeds with your camera phone, you look like a creepy old man.

Not even forsaking the Unibomber hoodie for the hat is helping you much.

[Update: Okay, it's not really an update but an 'Oops.' That really is a cell phone in his hand, but that pic is de-TMZ'ed. For a better version click here.]

[Second update: As my friend just asked me, "Since when did David Paymer become an NBA photographer?"]


The Fan's Attic said...

I've got an anteater.

hockalees said...

Why did they make Dan Castellaneta sit on the floor?

No, you're right... Paymer is better.

Goat said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's hung like an armadillo. Wait. What?

Goat said...

Also, I'd eat her cheesecake.