Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stevie G's Gangland Gal

It has been recently revealed that Liverpool Captain Steven Gerrard was threatened with bodily harm by a Scouser gangster in the early part of this decade. In a robbery trial involving John Kinsella, a Liverpudlian underworld figure, a letter from Captain Fantastic's father, Paul, revealed that Kinsella was hired by Paul to protect the midfielder from George "Psycho" Bromley.

The cause of Gerrard's troubles? Besides living in Liverpool. Psycho was jealous that Gerrard was flirting with his old girlfriend, who happened to have dated Gerrard prior to Bromley, and threatened the star with physical harm.

Bromley's jealousy spilled over into violence in November 2001 when a brick went
through the window of Gerrard's £50,000 BMW X5 parked outside her home.

Scared Gerrard immediately broke off contact with Lauren.

She said: "That day ruined it. My relationship with Steve as a friend stopped. I was
devastated because we got on so well, even as mates."

But Bromley's campaign of hatred began in earnest. He made death threats against the star, threatened to blow Gerrard's KNEECAPS off, challenged him to a fist FIGHT and even AMBUSHED him outside his luxury home in Southport, Merseyside.

That lady to the right, Lauren, is the source of all this trouble. Seems a bit much trouble for her, doesn't it?

[Photo Credit: News of the World]

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