Friday, April 18, 2008

Ian Wright is no Jester!

Former Arsenal striker and BBC pundit Ian Wright (known for being a bit of a joker) has launched a stinging attack on his employers accusing the BBC of trying to use him as a 'comedy jester'. Wow. I am shocked. Isn't Ian Wright known for his serious manor and intellectual opinions?

Wright told Broadcast magazine....

"I don't know how long young people are going to want to sit down and watch that same old 'jacket, shirt and tie' format,"

he added.

"I am just there as a comedy jester to break the ice with Alan Shearer and Alan Hansen," whom he accused of doing "run-of-the-mill things".

Did the BBC seem nonplussed and upset by this news? Apparently not. A spokesman for the beeb said Wright was on a freelance contract and that it wished him well.

But back to Ian......Ian Wright is no jester you are saying to yourself. No no no. Not our Ian.

Not the guy who walked into the Arsenal dressing room before a game and threw 4 shirts out of the window fro a giggle. Problem was they belonged to Dennis Bergkamp, Tony Adams, Patrick Vierra AND Wrighty himself! The club shop had to be opened and new shirts printed delaying the kick off.

That Wrighty! He's no jester. Recently he recorded a silly voice mail message for 'Celebrity Messages' answering service. But he is no jester!

He sings and dances and makes jokes live on TV. But Ian Wright is no jester.

So what's Ian going to do now he has left the BBC?

He is going to host Gladiators! You sir are definitely NO jester!


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The Fan's Attic said...

Perhaps he should have taken Heath Ledger's role as The Joker.