Wednesday, March 12, 2008

USA U-23 Embarrassment

Just a couple of quick thoughts on last night's Olympic qualifier against Cuba.

The USA should have put it out of reach in the first 15 minutes. By the time Adu scored, it should have been 3-0.

Has no one installed drainage at Raymond James? It looked like the game would have been better fit for bog soccer at times.

When you have a one on one with the keeper and five yards on the defenders, don't hit a one time shot off of your shin. Take your time and finish. There's always a chance you'll get bundled over.

Dax McCarty, stay on your damn feet (and get a haircut). Same to you Charlie Davies. Until Americans learn to dive properly, it's just embarrassing.

Those were two pretty weak yellows to Lines. One for a goal celebration, and the other (and ultimately a red card) for kicking away after the whistle.

Just because Arsenal play a nice brand of football with the passing and whatnot, don't emulate their inability to get a shot off.

Jose Manuel Miranda had a pretty nice game in goal for the Cubans. I hope he continues to stymie the other teams. I fear that he will not.

If you had told me that the US would get any less that 7 points in this pool, I would have laughed. Now I think I'll take 5 and advancement, although that could lead to a semifinal date with Mexico, who knocked the US out at that stage last time.

Here is the tables after one round: (Record, Points, Goals For-Against)

  1. Honduras 1-0-0 3 1-0
  2. Cuba 0-1-0 1 1-1
  3. USA 0-1-0 1 1-1
  4. Panama 0-0-1 0 0-1

Let's all hate on Heerenveen for not releasing Bradley.

Next game: Friday against Panama.

image courtesy AOL Fanhouse

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