Monday, March 10, 2008

Questionable eBay Purchases

Anyone who has ever visited Italy has likely come across their street vendors and the questionable football shirts that they hawk. Many times they are just cheap, unbranded knock-offs of the current shirt of a team, but sometimes they work magic. It's a new form of art, a re-Renaissance, if you will. I warn you though, don't wear this onto (what used to be) the terraces, I don't think these fans would appreciate it.

You can be the proud owner of this shirt for just $13. Well, as long as no one else bids on it, that is. Look at it. It's an unholy amalgam of a NUFC shirt and the image inside the star of a Newcastle Brown Ale label. Speaking of the ale, it makes its return here as the sponsor of the shirt, something that hasn't happened since 2000.

So tread lightly, foreign Newcastle fan, don't go thinking this is a rare third shirt that you just don't remember. This is a genuine, grade-A, Eye-Tie knockoff. You might be able to pull it off in an Atlanta suburb, but you'll never get away with it on your sad pilgrimage to St. James' Park

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Keith said...

Update! NUFC/Man U 1996 was on Premier League Archives last night on FSC- That abomination of a shirt was on Pavel Srnicek- it's a keeper's shirt!