Friday, March 14, 2008

Beckham Watch: Friday Edition

Rumors abound that Victoria Beckham and ergo her husband, David Beckham, are displeased with life in America. David's inaugural season with LA Galaxy was a huge disappointment due to his fragility and Posh Spice has not had much luck becoming an older, more plastic version of Paris Hilton. So much so, that they are reportedly shopping for a Chelsea home.

Even more troubling, it appears David's Asian popularity is on the wane, or perhaps was never that high. Perhaps it seemed high because he was on a team in Madrid full of many superstars, or Galacticos as it were, that had huge drawing power. This has to eat into the revenue sharing he has on jersey sales. (Don't forget, the US dollar is weaker than Derby County's back line his salary has to be incredibly low compared to what it could have been back in Europe.)

Naturally, to get away from this stress, the Beckhams went shopping for sex toys in public.

The couple visited Hollywood's notorious Pleasure Chest adult store where they purchased massage oil, personal lubricant, a Cyberskin vibrator, a leather braided cane and a padded black collar and restraint.

Clearly this means something. I don't know what, but it means something. Probably that these two are the biggest media whores ever.

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hockalees said...

Clearly they were buying those things as a housewarming gift for Landon D.