Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bigus Tripus, part 4

While I shake off the last of this flu that's been plaguing me, and while I wait for Bigus and RZM to file more reports [too drunk, too full of pies], I'll dust off RZM's interpretation of Saturday's Norwich game, sent from an iPhone and containing more spelling errors than Vince Young's Wonderlic.

Get into it, RZM, and try not to mention how much you love Dimitar Berbatov....

I do not know where to start. I will not even go into details re Friday evening 7 pints and a curry. You know for a fact that I am "Two Pint Pack", so 7 was a big effort. Saturday a.m the day began with a very hung over Packimo rolling out of bed to a banging on my door.

Bigus Dickus and Bigus Dickus Sr. were up and ready to hit the road in their neon yellow Norwich kits. After I managed to get dressed we hit the road for the Midlands, Coventry City here we come.

As we were zooming up the M1 I quickly realized that everyone on the road was heading to a fixture somewhere in the country. That thought was validated as we made a pit stop at The Watford Gap rest stop (Nowhere near Watford). Everyone going inside for a coffee and egg sandwich had a kit on. Leicester, Oldham, Barnsley (Well done mate), and of course Norwich City.

We made it to Coventry approx 1:00 and headed to a pub dedicated to away supporters. Coventry is clearly not the wealthiest town in England and I really should not have been surprised that the pub did not have Sky Sports. Instead of having Man U-Portsmouth we had to settle for Rugby. (Crap).

We met up with some Canaries that Bigus Dickus met on the Norwich chat sites, and as you would expect they had the personalities of people who hang out on Norwich chat sites. Not the funniest bunch but overall were good people. After the previous evening I surely was not going to drink again yet Bigus had the Tetley's [Ed. Note: the English Ale, not the tea] on the table before I could decline. 2 Tetley's later we were off to the Ricoh arena for the 3 p.m kick off.

Walking up to the Ricoh I was very impressed with stadium. Very modern with all of the amenities that you would expect in a modern stadium. We walked in and I had a shite Carling in a bottle and a rather dodgy steak and kidney pie. My stomach was not pleased that I made such a poor decision.

Anyway it was now time to head for our seats. This is where I got scared. We were in the JEWSON stand row SS. What the fuck is that about?

A New York Jew has to sit in the JEWson stand in row SS. Not the best feeling in a country of 4 jews. When I did make it up to our seats they were in a sea of yellow, approx 3800 Canaries in full voice.

No need for a match report, Norwich lost 1-nil. Great atmosphere, shit footy. Tomorrow I am off the White Hart Lane for proper football and a proper club!! C'mon You Spurs!

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The NY Kid said...

The Ricoh built a stand just for Croatian supporters? How odd.