Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Colaship doesn't pay well enough these days

Bradley Wright-Phillips: fond of ladies' purses

When football players try and relax, the Law of Averages will dictate that for every player that is tucked in and asleep by eleven o'clock, there will be a few that stay out late, get in fights, film themselves masturbating on a webcam, videotape orgies with their teammates, or simply commit petty theft.

This week is no different, as Southampton stars Nathan Dyer and Bradley Wright-Phillips got caught on CCTV stealing money, cigarettes and cell phones from some bartenders' handbags at a nightclub.

One can only hope that the phones had some good ringtones.

Bradley is the son of former Arsenal & England star Ian Wright, and half-brother to Chelsea winger Shaun, and currently earns about $16,000 a week, while Nathan makes $10,000 a week.

The bartenders? 10 bucks an hour. A little lopsided, no?

The duo were disciplined for their actions, made even more laughable as the night in question was less than 48 hours before their next match against Ipswich [a game they drew 1-1].

It's no OJ-level of robbery, sure, but it's still pretty pathetic. If they make it up to the EPL, they'll need to try harder than this to get tabloid attention. Like maybe shaving their balls.

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