Thursday, March 20, 2008

Douchebag Proves Even Bigger Douchebag

Some people are just born douchebags. Joe Starkey is one of those people. The Longview, Washington resident, teacher and soccer coach was arrested this week on charges of having sex with a 15-year old student. Starkey is alleged to have admitted he slept with a 15 year-old female runaway that was staying at his apartment. Grade A douchebag right there.

Students at his school were shocked to learn of Starkey's arrest.

Most students at R.A. Long High School say Starkey was a great teacher and coach and they are surprised he would be charged with having sex with a minor.

From the report:
“He was really cool. You could talk to him about a lot of stuff. During practice he would help you with math and stuff if you needed it,” R.A. Long High School student Alysha said. “I don’t know why he’d do that. It’s crazy. I mean, he’s smarter than that.”
No shit he was "cool" to the students. He wanted to get in their pants. Clearly, he wasn't "smarter than that."

I have found Starkey's MySpace page and it is full of interesting tidbits. First, he is a practicing Catholic:

I am a practicing Catholic, and have every intention of staying that way for quite a while, and would not mind meeting someone willing to go to church with me or practice their faith with me. Don't get me wrong, though, I would love to meet other people, too.
Second, boy has he met some other people. Just check out these photos. [Ed. Note: Someone asked who were in the photos. On the left, Mr. Belding. On the right, Carlos Mencia and Weeman] [ 2nd Ed. Note: That's not Wee's Brad Williams]:

It's obvious that this guy was born with a terminal case of douchebag-itis. Maybe he didn't sleep with the girl but all signs still point to d-bag.


Eladio said...

Need some help on those photos...looks like Wee Man on the right, no clue who the old dude on the left is.

The Fan's Attic said...

Weeman and Carlos Mencia on the right. Mr. Belding in the left picture.

Eladio said...

Damn, Mr. Belding looks like he ate Screech. And Jessie.

tecmo said...

That aint Wee-man. I don't watch/listen to Mencia, but I know there's a midget on his show from time to time.

Definitely not Wee-man, though.

The Fan's Attic said...

So, I guess it isn't Wee Man. Looks like it's another little person named Brad Williams.

RHS GRAD 01 said...

I grew up with, and went to high school with Joe. I played baseball with him since a was 12. He was always a guy that worked hard.....I will admit that he was defiantly at DD (Different Duck) but I would have never have guessed he would have done something like this......While I will be the first to admit that I don't really blame him with the way girls act and dress these day, and this girl was obviously flashing the "free pussy" sign and was probably rubbing her puss in his face until his brain shut down and his DICK began doing this thinking.....I'm not taking his side in any way, I'm just saying as a guy I can understand how this could happen........but he was this girl teacher, or at least teaching at the same school I'm assuring. Parents have to be able to trust that when they send their kids to school that their kids are going to be safe. Joe crossed that line and will pay for his mistake the rest of his life.

OsuDeb said...

RHS Student Class of "2000":I went to school with Joe too. It is embarrassing to admit but I actually dated him. I can't believe he would actually do something like this. He was a very nice person from what I remember. I think its a sick thing when an authority figure takes advantage of a situation. Students look up to there teachers. There is no excuse for what Joe did,even if this girl was giving up her goodies. He should have been the adult and turned her into her parents. The whole situation is disgusting.