Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chelsea, Grant figure out how to screw a pooch

Blink, and you missed a goal. That's how it went last night at White Hart Lane, where the Eredivisie School of Defending provided us with 8 goals, several from set-pieces, and where Chelsea's title aspirations took a bit of a dent.

Let's face it... they needed that win. Up 3-1 in the second half, Grant made a series of baffling substitutions including the removal of their best player on the night, Joe Cole, and took away all semblance of threat from his side for the last 20 minutes.

Not a good idea against a counter-attacking team playing on their home turf, is it? Ballack came on and provided little stability, Alex didn't get into the pace of the game, and they even gave the hapless Ukrainian a run-out, hoping that maybe he could catch the scoring bug that was going around the pitch.

As such, Spurs scored twice in the last 15, and should have won it at the death if Berbatov's weak shot in the box had a little more venom behind it.

Check out the highlights after the jump of one of the season's most entertaining games. Watch Chelsea as they conspire to snatch a point from the jaws of three. I don't know how Avram Grant still has such job security.

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