Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Kids suck. Well, at least kids I don't like, they suck. But the kids I do like, they are ok. The rest, though, they suck. They are whiny, noisy, obnoxious and dirty.

But, I gotta admit kids are sometimes quite humorous, especially when they start to have rational thought but lack that filter that most adults develop between their thoughts and words. Zinedine Zidane, if he didn't know this already, probably knows now.

On his recent trip to Brazil, Zizou toured the country and played an exhibition match or two.

But, his presence has led to an attack on his friend Ronaldo.

From the report:

Zidane was even more rusty come an indoor exhibition match a little later. He had already made a fan in 11-year-old Guilherme Gomes de Assis, who won a signed France shirt from the former world player of the year.

An excited Guilherme declared he would henceforth support France, taking a swipe at Brazil's ailing star Ronaldo. "Ronaldo is fat and no longer scores goals," said the boy. "I prefer Zidane."

See? No filter. Sometimes I wish I could live that way. "Yes sir, I completely understand. You are an utter moron that has no idea about what is going on. And, I am screwing your wife." But, alas, that cannot be. Thankfully, we have little whipper snappers (and anonymous blog posts) to serve these functions.

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