Friday, February 8, 2008

How dare they!

The lord of all football and the prime mover of every playing field in the universe today declared that the Premier League were bang out of order for not talking to him before publically declaring an interest in playing games abroad.
How dare they! Do they know who he is? How was this possible that Sir Whingy Face the overlord of all things obicular was not consulted for his opinion. I for one call for an immediate inquiry followed by 100 lashes across the back and a smack on the bum for any underling found guilty of such arrogant actions .

Well I hope that this little tirade reported on the bbc football website slips under the skin of the real folks in charge of the Premier League. If so I should imagine that Sir Given Right's red devils will be plucked from the 'hat' to play Tottenham in Timbuktu. Or maybe Fulham in Fallujah. How about Bolton in Banghazi. Oh how great would the world be if FA Cup games were played abroad. Sir Alex could even lick his lips at the thought of Notts County in Niamey.


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