Monday, February 4, 2008


That should be Swahili for "BEAT DOWN." Which is all you can say about Sunday's matches. There was nothing pretty about the outcomes, they seemed to be decided before the matches started. Nigeria were flatting than a warm guiness in the summer sun, and Guinea thought it was a friendly and brought their practice squad. That's the only way I can explain it. Or that Cote d'Ivorie are just that damned good and the level of play in Africa experiences a big drop off that they can't even fill out a 8 team bracket?

Sunday's Matches

Ghana 3 - 1 Nigeria

(called off for a Professional Foul)

Nigeria came out playing flat, flatter than I expected. For such an important match, they seemed to not be able to string passes together. Ghana had the crowd, but more importantly, they wanted this match more. They had to, going a man down with Mensah being sent off in the 20th minute. You know it's bad when the Nigerian Goalie apologizes for the Eissen goal. Which was a beauty by the way. The country has rallied around the Nigerian team, complete with their new name of Super Chickens. Indeed.

Cote d'Ivorie 5 - 0 Guinea

(Chelsea's best?)

The Elephants came out and rampaged. Poor Guinea, but the middle of the first half, it was obvious they were outmatched and were being outplayed. That was when Drogba picked apart their defense like he was giving clinics on how to run and shoot. After that the rout was one. The last few goals were very nicely executed, but they were against a beaten down and worn out Guinea defense, and they were just piling on at that point.

These were the beatdowns on Sunday, and not the American beatdown (which never happened).

Monday's Matches

Tunisia - Cameroon - Monday Cameroon advanced the last time the cup played, and then lost in a penalty shootout with Cameroon when their offense seized up. Eto'o will be marked heavily by Tunisian's defense, who will be tasked in keeping them in line.

Egypt - Angola - Monday Egypt feels confident now that they are back at full Strength. The question is if the Pharoahs can keep things rolling or will this plucky Angolan team pull out another sleeper victory.

Here is hoping these matches are a bit more exciting.

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