Tuesday, February 5, 2008

African Cup Semi-Finals nailed down.

Egypt - Angola played a great match, and reaffirmed my belief that good ball can be played in the African Continent. Upstart Tunisia suprised Cameroon by scoring twice to tie the match, only to lose in extra time as Cameroon pulled it out. Excellent Monday action.

Monday's Matches

Egypt 2 - 1 Angola Angola lost this with defensive errors. The first being the hand ball which allowed for the Rabou PK. Man U's stud Manucho sent in an equalizer, before a miscue from the Angolan defense allowed the go ahead goal. I watched a large portion of this match at work, and it was some very back and forth balling. Made up for yesterdays' dogs. Egypt now gets to match up with Ivory Coast.

Tunisia 2 - 3 Cameroon

This one even topped the earlier match. Cameroon struck first scoring two goals, the second a free kick by Geremi that seemed to cinch the game. Newcastle can use you back in the lineup Geremi. But not so fast. Tunisia struck back and played an almost manic style of play, first with a free kick by Ben Saada, and then Chukhaoui equalized with an amazing handling of the cross. Tunisia was then spent, and hoped they could withhold until the penalty shootout phase. But no such luck. Two minutes into extra time, Mbia came through with the go-ahead score that would send Cameroon into the Semis, where they will face host Ghana.

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The Fan's Attic said...

I watched the end of the excellent Tunisia-Cameroon match. I am convinced the sideline judges are really just officials from local rec leagues.