Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Benayoun avoids suicide bomber in home town

According to reports in the news today, Yossi Benayoun narrowly avoided a suicide bomber during a trip home to visit family in Israel.

From the Guardian article:

"Yossi came to visit his parents who live nearby," said his agent, Ronen Katsav. "It is a small place and he heard the explosion and the gunshots. He was inundated by phone calls from friends asking him if he was all right after the event. He is fine and will take part in the international game."
He was about five minutes' walk away from the attack site in the southern town of Dimona with his family, preparing for an exhibition friendly against Romania tomorrow.

There's no joke or upside here; just a reminder of how everything's intertwined. Life doesn't stop for sports, and more often than not, the converse is true too. It's all part of the same, big picture, and a story like this just reminds you of that.

After the jump, a video of Yossi's goals for Liverpool so far this season.... excuse the bad music.

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