Thursday, February 7, 2008

Choices, choices.

When I first heard about and signed up I was very skeptical to say the least. By now you all know the deal, right? Thousands of fans ponied up 35 quid and we all now own Ebsfleet of the mighty Blue Square Premier League (the old Vauxhall conference).
We will pick the team, choose the board and have a say on all of the decisions that come along when running a football team. It's been a long time since I signed up and very little seemed to happen. Until now...Hurrah!

Yesterday I voted on two crucial issues. Firstly on how many of the new 'owners' should sit on the board? The more the merrier I said. 11 its is. I Cant wait to see how many of my co-owners also plumped for the maximum number. Surely that makes the most sense?

Secondly I had to decide on the new kit. As you can see from the picture above there was a variety of choices. Especially when the fleet are on the road to Stevenage. We don't want all those boinging boro fans laughing at our boys do we? Hell no. So away shirt one was out. Its very nice if you are playing in 1946 and like polo mints. Out too went the Inter Milan rip off. I can hear the songs now as our 5th tier strikers bang one shot after another over the bar and the stand into the car park. "Inter Milan yer having a laugh" or maybe "You're not Inter in disguise". No no no. Strip 3 is definitely out of the question. That leaves strip 2. Not controversial at all. In fact I think its quite nice. I am a little worried that my fellow owners and I may not see eye to eye. So I ask you, the loyal UF readers to help ease my worries.

Did I do good? What would you have gone for? Leave a comment and let me know.



Lingering Bursitis said...

Eurostar will come in handy as a sponsor when they look to Ligue 2 for recruiting talent.

The NY Kid said...

I am seriously considering throwing down the 35 quid (annually, I believe). I would have gone with away kit #2 as well, so good choice.

Spectator said...

Greetings fellow trustee!