Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Terry On the Move? Maybe, If His Feelings Are Hurt.

Apparently Manchester Arabia are keen on making another bid for England's brave John Terry. Two bids have already been turned down by Carlo Ancelotti for the Chelsea man, but that won't stop Manchester Arabia (MA) trying again.

They believe that John Terry wants to move to the Mancunian desert. I wonder what gave them that impression? Maybe a certain ex-Chelsea left back? Or maybe a chance meeting over a sea breeze?

Now, I like John Terry. He is a no nonsense center half who always gives his all for his country, but some reports in today's papers are suggesting that EBJT is a little upset and feeling 'unwanted' by Chelsea.

Surely this can't be true?

The Independent is suggesting that Wayne Bridge is well, the bridge between the Russian sector of Saaaaaath London and the Mancunian desert. Surely if Terry wasn't interested in a move he would have said so by now? But he hasn't!

The Sun say that Terry is up for a move also, but they are suggesting that's because he feels 'unwanted'. But why? Chelsea have turned down TWO mega offers for their captain and handed him a 5 year deal in 2007, worth a whopping 130k a week! That deal made Terry the third highest earner at the club after Lampard and Ballack. If that's a sign that the club doesn't want you, then you need to get your sign-sensors checked. 'An insider' (i.e his agent) says that John has heard nothing from Chelsea and feels "betrayed and unwanted". Obviously turning down more than 30 million smackers and paying you 130k a week is a right good kick in the knackers. If that's the case, kick away, my legs are parted.

I said NO. What more do you want?

But this is where the Sun's theory plays on the common theme of footballers as mercenaries. They say that Terry's unhappiness is because he hasn't been offered a new contract, putting him on a par with Lampard. That MA's offer should have sparked his club to throw money at him, making him feel 'wanted'. If this turns out to be the case then Terry will lose any respect he may have earned with football fans outside of the Stamford Bridge walls, making the England captain just another greedy footballer, out for another Ferrari.

Personally I think there is something to the Sun's musings. Not that he feels "betrayed and unwanted" but that he wants whatever will make him happier, which translated in football land means 'richer'. Last week, right before Manchester Arabia made their bids, MA manager Mark Hughes and John Terry stayed in the same hotel in Dubai. Now what are the chances that they didn't have a little chat on the beach or over dinner?

"We met John Terry in one of the restaurants and saw him around the hotel gardens. We also had breakfast at the next table to Mark Hughes." - Holiday maker Jason Dyer.

Jumeirah Beach, Dubai. The perfect place for Arabia manager Hughes to hang with his new captain?

Whatever happens over John Terry's future, he will need to say something soon, not to could drag this on and spoil Chelsea's pre-season preparations. To lose their captain a few weeks from the new season would be a real blow, money in the bank for a replacement or not. New center halves do not just slide into place a week before the first game.

If Terry is sold to Manchester Arabia, he will need to be honest or risk losing any integrity or respect he has earned over the years as a nations captain. Because a move won't be for the Champions League football and it won't be for the new City his wife will get to party and shop in. It will be for the reported 300k a week that Manchester Arabia will put in his pocket.


Mike Georger said...

Man if Ricardo and Terry both left there could well be a fresh face in the top four. And it still probably wouldn't be City. Welcome to the club, Everton!

I will always hate this man for gift wrapping United their third Champions League trophy and forever fucking up my taunts of 'you're as relevant as Notts.'

Bigus Dickus said...


Keith said...


Why can't us?

ad Terry, no-nonsense? The originator of the "Chelsea Circle-Jerk" is certainly full of nonsense. While he may not have gone to the lengths that Drogba and Ballack did after the "fucking disgrace," but his captaincy, and the way Chelsea has conducted itself toward referees certainly contributed to a climate that made that OK.

Mike Georger said...

I ask this because I don't know Keith ... have you guys brought in anyone to replace your losses yet? Until I see those holes filled and at least four more EPL quality players brought in to try and build depth, I can't take that team seriously for more than the first half of the season. Sadly of course, because I would have loved to have seen them take fourth last year.

Keith said...


At the moment, no. Latest rumors have us pursuing a douple dip for Tuncay and Stew Downing. Brede Hangeland has been mentioned, but I don't know why Hodgson would want to sell, given how close Fulham are as well to the top 4.

Ultimately, I think O'Neill will pursue a center back and right winger in efforts to bolster our attacking options. But I honestly (and part of this may be claret-and-blue colored glasses) don't think we need to add as much as we just need to give people runs in the side in their preferred positions. Our central defense was such a shambles in the second half because O'Neill wasn't convinced of Shorey until too late, which means Davies and Cuellar never got a chance to gell in central defense, as Cuellar was too busy playing right back. Given a full run of games in pairing, I reckon Davies and Cuellar would figure out what each does best, and how to cover for each other's failings. But I also would have loved to see Mellberg come back, too.

In the midfield, it would be nice to see Nigel Reo-Coker or Craig Gardner get a full run out in central midfield rather than right back, where neither really have any business playing. And, given it's NRC's third season with the team, he should be primed for a breakout year like Petrov had this past season. But, that having been said, going after either of the Dutch midfielders that Real are going to sell would be a nice move.

Bigus Dickus said...

@Keith. I said Villa! VILLA.:)

Autoglass said...

I go to Paris and Rome for a couple of weeks and come back to this nonsense. Sigh. Bigus, England's Captain ain't gonna play for anyone other than England...or Chelsea. Nice try, though!