Monday, July 6, 2009

Don't Let The Door Hit You On The...

Referees generally get a raw deal. When they execute their job flawlessly, rarely are they singled out for credit. But, should their performance be less than stellar, the burning spotlight is focused right on them, illuminating every little flaw on what may have just been a bad day at the office.

That said, they're not born into the profession. Maybe it's for the Love of the Game or maybe it's because they enjoy being screamed at by grown adults, but the Men in Black (or yellow... or red... or green...) choose this life. It's a job. They're free to leave the madness behind anytime they want, to free themselves of the indignity of having their manhood, the feces count of their brain matter or their full allotment of chromosomes from being brought into question.

They're people, right? People with day jobs, bills, families and feelings. Who wouldn't look to greener pastures?

Well, we're not going to have Premier League referee Steve Bennett to kick around anymore. (well, maybe not...)

As it turns out, Mr. Bennett has scored himself a new gig. But, he's not leaving the reffing 'industry'. He's simply switching sports.

The man who once accused Premier League players of deliberately getting booked so they could enjoy some time off, will now help develop refs for cricket.

In all actuality, as an 'independent director', this doesn't necessarily mean Mr. Bennett won't be doing both jobs. I can't speak to whether or not he'll still be reffing PL matches (or spouting off at the mouth), but methinks this sets an interesting precedent. Once they wear their welcome out at one sport, refs can move onto ruining another sport. I believe Egypt may have some suggestions for Howard Webb.

Maybe somebody should alert Bill Simmons.


Keith said...

Now if we can just get Mike "Purdue" Riley to follow him. . .

CWY2190 said...

Riley is gone. He's taking over Keith Hacketts job as the head of referees.