Friday, July 10, 2009

More Shares to Kroenke

The savvy Colorado sports magnate (I mean, he owns the Nuggets, Rapids, and some of the St. Louis Rams) Enos Stanley Kroenke got his hands on 160 more shares of Arsenal, bringing his total stake to 28.58% and surely preparing for some future ownership battles with the fatty Ulisher Usmanov.

At $8,500 a piece, the shares weren't cheap, but Kroenke is loaded (and being married to a Wal-Mart heiress doesn't hurt either) and is cementing his position in charge at the Emirates.

For Kroenke, he's been on the record in the past about not wanting to hit the 30% ownership threshold that would require him to make a formal offer for the remaining shares, but his quest for control is evident. Usmanov is still very much on the periphery, popping up here and there to offer spending money to the EPL's most frugal club, but with Kroenke still lurking underneath that 30% ceiling, anything is still possible.


Nathaniel said...

If you have that much cash/capital, why can't you afford a decent haircut for christ's sake?

Precious Roy said...

When you have that much cash/capital, you don't need a decent haircut.

WhiteSpeedReceiver said...

That's not a haircut. It's the pelt of a miniature schnauzer. When you've got that much money, you can fuck with PETA all you want.