Monday, November 3, 2008

Altidore and the Duck

The duck lost as Jozy Altidore put the finishing touches on Villareal's 4-1 victory over Atletico Bilbao with a goal at the close of the match. With the goal, Jozy became the first American to score in La Liga.

[Editor's Note: After thinking about this, Jozy is not the first American to score in La Liga, that honor goes to the Benedict Arnold Giuseppe Rossi, a New Jersey born Italian-American who has chosen to cast his lot with the Italian national team rather than the USMNT.]

Congratulations Jozy! We wish you many more.

Altidore came on in the 90th minute and managed to score within 30 seconds. With that sort of production, clearly he should be starting.


phil said...

I really hope this kid begins to see more of the pitch for the national squad.

Precious Roy said...

Thought Pato played for Milan. Wrong duck?