Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I'm just going to say it. There are things I am much more interested in today than the beautiful game. Sure, Champions League matches will be a nice diversion (no Torres, 'Pool fans), but that's what they are today, a diversion.

If you are in America and eligible, I hope you have voted. I don't care for whom (unless you voted for Cynthia McKinney. Woman's a dingbat), just as long as you did so. If you have, feel free to take one of these stickers my home state prints out.

Join us later for some CL fun, and we will be back to full force tomorrow.


Andrew said...

The last vote that mattered in South Carolina dealt with Secession.

The NY Kid said...

I voted for Clichy.

Precious Roy said...

I voted for Kodos.

You know how people say "I don't care who you voted for, just so long as you vote"? Since 2000, I don't feel that way anymore.

Just saying.

ü75 said...

I think you should bear in mind that 2000 produced the "I'm not entirely sure who I voted for, but I voted anyway" election in Florida.

Precious Roy said...

Elderly Jews fucking love Buchanan. Those people knew exactly what they were doing.

Sarah said...

I'm mad that I didn't get a sticker, because I voted absentee.

But I did get free coffee from Starbucks. I guess that's better.

Ibracadabra said...

I only voted FOR the Starbucks Coffee. (And against Prop 8.) cheers footie fans and political pundits, alike.

- Ibracadabra