Monday, November 3, 2008

Chelsea--A Hobby That May Just Run Its Course?

Roman's new taste?

Since 2003, Chelsea FC has been the place where great players congregate to get paid immense sums and there has been no such thing as budget. That has finally changed this year. First, Chelsea gets outbid by Manchester City and its oil barons for Robinho. Now, The Guardian reports that Chelsea is cutting its 25 man scouting division by 15.

The economic credit crunch is believed partially at fault, as is its woeful performance. There hasn't been a significant development from Chelsea's youth squads to the senior squad that I can recall. Given Chelsea's style on proven players--overpay them--you would think the same would occur for the youth teams. Clearly, that isn't the case or the scouts are truly awful and waste the money.

And now, British courts have ruled that Roman Abramovich's interest in Chelsea is purely a hobby. Despite proclamations that Roman wants to make Chelsea profitable, the court has had its say, and it says that is just a pipe dream.

Abramovich has poured hundreds of millions into the club but Clarke described his involvement as a "hobby and a leisure interest ... It is not a business investment. The sums that Mr Abramovich has given to the club far exceed any return that could possibly be expected".

The Guardian article details much of Abramovich's wealth that came out during a court case where Roman argued British courts did not have jurisdiction over him. It's a fascinating laundry list of chalets, villas, art and a fortune built off of shady business dealings.

So, what happens when Roman's tastes change? Does the $500 billion dollar interest free loan to

Is it all a sign the Roman Abramovich's interest in Chelsea is waning? If so, what does it mean for Chelsea? Will the $500 million dollar interest free loan be called in? What happens?


phil said...

I'm all for the demise of Chelski, especially if it means I get to see John Terry in tears again.

Daniel said...

yeah Chelski is a joke....I'd rather just hate Tottenham and ignore Chelsea like the good old days

Goat said...

I'd run her course. In all seriousness, I doubt Abramovich's ego would allow something akin to the Leeds collapse.

Anonymous said...

Hey Roman... Tell me how my ASS tastes!