Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday Backpasses: When you have nothing good to say . . .

Brooks Mileson, the man who bankrolled Gretna to the SPL, only to withdraw his money which led to the club's dissolution, has died. Without getting too much into it, he was a flawed man, both good and bad [BBC]
Next season would fulfill his MLS contract, if Becks wants it that way [SI]
The XI of Doom. That Edmundo guy is awesome [Dirty Tackle]

Graham Poll, Mr. Three Cards, comments on come refs from this past weekend [Daily Mail]
Aidy Boothroyd, once everyone's favorite young English manager, out at Watford [BBC]
Wayne Rooney, coming off a brace in Belarus, immediately went to gamble to keep his hot streak going. It didn't work. He lost over $100K in two hours [Mirror]

And finally:
The site LB has been visiting in his free time lately [fans-online]

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