Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Open Thread

I think everyone else has a severe case of, well, something bad. Let's get Saturday started. Cisse has already put Sunderland up. Arsenal surprised Manchester United. What else is going on? That's for you to fill in. Interesting games after the break.

Wigan and Stoke drew at nil.
Arsenal defeated United on two Nasri goals. Hope SAF had his tin hat on.

EPL (10.00 EST)
West Ham-Everton
Liverpool-West Brom (12.30 EST)

Championship (10.00 EST)
Coventry-Crystal Palace

SPL (10.00 EST)
Dundee United-Aberdeen (already 2-0, ugh)
St Mirren-Hearts

Also, lots of FA Cup first round action, which I'll not spoil because of the tape delays that FSC are showing.


Andrew said...

I was really excited to hear of FSCs decision to air Gunners-Utd.

Wait, what's that you say?

ü75 said...

Norwich have leveled against PNE. Lita the goal scorer for the canaries.

ü75 said...

Setanta paid more for EPL rights than FSC. Part of that gets them the 12.45 kickoff every week.

Andrew said...

Yeah, I get all that. I managed to watch the very end on the tv of some guy named justin.

currently subjecting myself to the footie version of waterboarding: everton-hammers.

Anyone have anything better?

ü75 said...

Not really. Hull's been playing entertaining football, even though it's against SFBolton. Can you find that one? Otherwise, maybe one of the FA Cup games.

Andrew said...

Of course the second I deride West Ham, Bellamy makes a wonderful move and sets Sears up with a inch perfect cross.

Sears effs it up by shooting at the keeper.

Andrew said...

Nothing going on in Everton-WHam.

Matty Upson goes down with something or another. Of course he does.

ü75 said...

HT scores. Nil draws ignored.

Sunderland 1-0 Portsmouth
Norwich 1-1 PNE
Coventry 0-1 Crystal Palace
Wolves 1-0 Burnley
Blackpool 0-1 Them
Forest 0-1 Birmingham
Plymouth 1-0 Charlton
Reading 1-0 Derby
Sheff Wed 1-0 Doncaster Rovers
Celtic 1-0 Motherwell
Dundee United 2-0 Aberdeen
Hamilton 1-0 Falkirk
Hibs 0-1 ICT
Queen of the South 0-3 Morton (Wow, really?)

Andrew said...

Can any explain to me why WHam have not found a new sponsor?

ü75 said...

Because they are now sponsored by numbers? I dunno.

ü75 said...

Ouch at West Ham's last 10 minutes.

Mike Georger said...

hey carson, you just got beat by arbe fucking loa baby. you suck!

Scotty Hockey said...

Bigus - Reports of the Gunners demise have been greatly exaggerated. Called it, with the score if you recall!!

jjf3 said...

I'm the only person here who cares, but fucking lady luck can kiss my ass...the Dynamo dominated the game on the field, but RBNY went 3-for-3 in serious scoring chances (assuming you give them the penalty chance, or make it 3-for-2.5)), while Houston went something like 0-for-20.

And RBNY somehow feared putting Cepero in goal? Seriously? All he did today was play "elastic-man", and the one time he did miss, Clark hit nothing but post...


He keeps this level of play up, and he's going to be the MVP of the RBNY title run, cause it sure wasn't the/his defensive-4 making the was ALL Cepero

Bigus Dickus said...

Lets all give Scotty a round of applause :)