Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday Backpasses: Hey, what happened?

Here's hoping I never get forced to play Stone Soccer (2nd item) [Boston Phoenix]
Dutch player headed to jail for being pissy to police officer []
Suspended ref's Porsche got trashed by his ex [The Sun]

And, finally:
Fergie's top 10 feuds [Mirror]


Mike Georger said...

gotta say im shocked the arsenal contingent didnt jump on the lucas article. reds getting robbed never ever ever stops being funny.

Goat said...

Who among us has never played stoned soccer?

Mike Georger said...

does stoned fifa count?

i would not suggest stoned football manager though, those circles will scare the shit out of you when they start celebrating

phil said...

I was unaware that it was normal to play soccer sober. Or rugby, or American football, or softball, for that matter.