Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Backpasses: Referee madness

Rob Styles would like someone to apologize for him to Bolton [Daily Mail]
Mike Riley appeared to change his mind on Cahill's card when the Aussie would not come to him for admonishment [Soccer 365]
Dive of the weekend. No, not Ronaldo [101 Great Goals]

Newcastle's caretaker manager signed a contract until October 30. He has an old touchline ban that will expire October 20. Oops [Telegraph]
Iraq lose their World Cup Qualifying appeal to CAS [NYT Goal]
Robbie Savage, who pisses off new teammates by driving flash cars, may be going to the team who had Skint as a shirt sponsor (trust me, the English will get it) [Sky Sports]
Wenger hates the away goals rule, wants it changed [Guardian]
Germans. '80s to '90s. Hair [Bild]

And, finally:
Euros to expand to 128 teams, so that "the excitement of the groups will go on for longer" [Football Cynic]


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fergie 'breaks off press relations'

i swear to god i dont think there is anyone in the world i want to punch in the face more