Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Backpasses: I've had a few

. . . So I might not make any sense. Also, my son kicked the V button off of my laptop, so this could be a pain.

Federation Soccer hosted a roundtable, and your author answered for UF. I pissed one guy off, but we'll get to that later [Federation Soccer]
Dirty things going on with owner of Israeli club Beitar and, as wikipedia tells me, Portsmouth [AP]
Spanish player signs contract to play for nothing [BBC]

And, finally:
Real Madrid wants Agger. Resident Scousers pissed (in the American way, not the British) [Soccernet]
In other news, we're thinking up some shirt ideas, so if you have one, let us know. We promise absolutely nothing in royalties.


Mike Georger said...

no way in hell does rafa sell agger (especially considering he said as much this morning). you dont ship off arguably the best young central defender in europe when at the end of his contract you would have a total of one CB on your books under the age of 30

Andrew said...

I bet you pissed the guy off with the "move KC to St. Louis" option in the expansion discussion.