Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday Backpasses: Rapping Ryan Babel

Ryan Babel freestyles in Dutch. With video [The Offside]
Elton John bothered by Watford's financial ways. Haven't bought enough wigs and glasses then, I guess [Soccernet]
Former Man U player and Aberdeen boss admits to losing £1 million gambling. Also includes a mealy-mouthed apology to Aberdeen fans which just doesn't cut it, asshole [Eurosport]
FIFA tells Poland to reinstate old FA boss by October 6, or face forced walkovers in World Cup Qualifiers [AFP]

EU to crack down on agents [Guardian]
NZ ref shows up at EPL match to observe, ends up being drafted after assistant referee goes off hurt [Stuff]
RvP and Sneijder are so not BFFs [Soccernet]

And, finally:
Robbie Fowler has the special touch [The Sun]


Mike Georger said...

"I hope that what happened last time, when Robbie touched my genitals, doesn’t happen again. "

bastards stole my epithet

Mike Georger said...

ugh. sportscenter anchor just pronounced gerrard 'jared'
its impossible to get a play on the top plays without them fucking up something

hockalees said...

The next stanza of lyrics on the Babel rap:

I'm tha dizzyin' dribbla who refuses to yield.

I score all da golz dat dazzle da Scousers at Anfield.

M'Ritz... Old T... Stamford Brizzle... I'm all up in that bitch!

So can someone out there 'splain why Rafa don't put me on the pitch?

Goat said...

We need Smeets to translate but I'm pretty sure he called Kobe Bryant a little bitch.

The NY Kid said...

@Goat - If Ryan Babel asked Kobe how his ass tastes, then the terrorists have truly won.

Andrew said...

Excellent song choice for Babel. Clipse - "Virginia" off their 2002 Lord Willin' album.

Your welcome.