Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday Backpasses: I didn't see an Ethan Zohn picture

The Offside Rules goes to Grassroot Soccer event against Hollywood United [The Offside Rules]
Zimbabwe Olympic Committee helps out country's Homeless World Cup team by donating kits, balls, and training aids. [ZBC News]
Theme of Dimitar Berbatov's first goal celebration yesterday? Embarrassment [Daily Express]

Maradona's daughter carrying Kun Aguero's kid in her belly []
MLS doesn't follow FIFA calendar because the powers that be are isolationist by nature [Dave's Football Blog]
Dean Ashton is really Mr. Glass from Unbreakable [Guardian]

And, finally:
10 (well, 12) teams who were too good to go down, but did anyway [Telegraph]

1 comment:

Mike Georger said...

ah the hilarity of everton

sign a player because his team fared well against liverpool.

have player unavailable because hes cup tied for your opponent

get dumped out of europe by said opponent