Friday, August 29, 2008

Pick Me...Pick Me!

Need a Nobby? He's on a free!

Morning all. On Monday night the transfer window slams shut until Jan 1st. Those left without will only be allowed to sign free agents and loans... is it such a bad thing? Bigus is a fan of loans as they allow Championship teams to grab a young promising player without any risk. How many times has a player been given a 3 year deal only to sit in the reserves as a failure? If you are from Norfolk, you could still be counting after an hour!

An example of a good "loan" was Ched Evans. Ched was excellent for Norwich last year. This year he finds himself in the Man City side. Yesterday he came on as a sub and scored a penalty as Mark Hughes' team scrapped through in the UEFA Cup. So loans aside now, lets have a butchers at a few players who are available on a freebie...

Peter Enkleman
Stephane Henchoz
Bruno Berner
Hernan Crespo
Stefan Wessels
Jay Jay Okocha
Emile Mpenza
Dong Gook Lee
Stephen Carr
Dominic Matteo
Russell Hoult
Marlon Broomes
Adam Garrett
Ian Harte
Stanislav Varga
Stephen Wright
Nolberto Solano
Freddie Ljungberg
Anton Sibierski
Josip Skonko
Salomon Olembe

Sibierski? Yes please says this Norwich fan!

Some oldies but goodies. Stelios and Mendieta are still Premiership quality and I find it hard to believe that one of the bottom-half EPL teams has not thought about signing one of those two.

Solano, Sibierski, Ljungberg and Henchoz can also offer valuable experience to one of the EPL newcomers. Hull's back line is strong but they could certainly do with Nobby Solano or Freddie Ljungberg in their side creating chances. Crespo will surely end up signing a deal in Italy, besides he is poop anyway, isn't he? Over-rated muppet! (I'd take him for Norwich tho', come on Glenn, get him in!)

Enkleman will join a number of that list dropping into the Championship or League 1 this term. His fumbly fingers were on show during the FA Cup final this year for Cardiff and he certainly looked as if his top flight days were definitely done. But a quick scan at that list offers hope to sides living outside of the top flight. If you are a Colaship club then you could be in luck... if, of course, you can convince one of the above to drop their Premier League wages.

Mpenza, Carr, Matteo, Varga, Harte, Skonko, Hoult and Lee would all do very good jobs at Championship level, AND if you have a little money in the budget you may even nab yourself a Solano or Sibierski!

One thing is clear, Premiership teams and Championship teams have been playing funny games all summer. This years transfer activity has been staggered and slow. Monday is going to be a roller coaster of a ride for fans all over the country as late deals are on and then off again and teams lose out as bigger teams turn to their second choice which was YOUR first.

Angry managers and teams holding out for a better deal should make it very interesting indeed, but once the dust settles on Tuesday it's reassuring that there will be a few good players left on the shelf..hanging out for that last (big?) pay day.



Keith said...

Stelios wouldn't get picked on Derby, let alone a real Prem team.

Bigus Dickus said...

Really?..Hmm..I would take him in a heart beat...I bet Hull would too.