Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Backpasses: I like Lawro's table better

Rivaldo, he of the hurt face when the ball strikes his knee, wants out of his contract [SI]
Or, maybe he quit [Soccernet]
Either way, its for the same Uzbek club that offered for Eto'o in the offseason [Wikipedia]
You can thank The Fan's Attic for getting those links together

Pavlyuchenko says he is a Spur. Can ESPN not tell their Russians apart? [Soccernet]
Newish site keeps tabs of Mark Lawrenson's predictions for BBC every week, compiles them into a table [ITETGW]

Arsenal becoming the new Everton, can't entice new targets to sign [Sky Sports]
Harry Kewell, doing in Turkey what he couldn't at Liverpool [The Age]
Bad reffing kicks off a riot, in Bangladesh [Gulf Times]

And, finally:
WAG fight! No photos of said fight, but I do recommend slideshow pic #4 for a laugh [The Sun]

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