Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Backpasses: Will Liverpool ever score a first half goal?

Liverpool scrape through, Arsenal score at will, and Queen of the South come very close in the UEFA Cup. Did I miss anything?

The world isn't safe. There was a hooligan riot in Sweden on Monday [The Local]
Maybe, though most likely not, because Ronaldinho tried to woo a women's NT player at the Olympics [Daily Mail]
Speaking of the Olympics, the Chinese didn't really care for Becks' and other's contributions to the Closing Ceremonies [The Independent]

Vidic wants out of rainy Manchester. One UFer would take 20 mill and Vidic for Berbs [Daily Mail]
Niko Krancjar out for a few months, to spend time trying to learn to understand Harry Redknapp finally []
Some group comes to the conclusion that the EPL (SI,B) earns the most cold, hard cash []

And, finally:
Wigan, really? I guess when you have empty stands, the minor, racist voices are easily heard [Setanta]

Oh, and don't let anyone tell you that "real" football starts tomorrow. South Carolina-North Carolina State hardly counts. Now, Clemson-Alabama, there's a match up.


Mike Georger said...

good to see vidic pulling the ozzie guillen 'in my couuuuuntry' excuse

united can rot in hell
i didnt mean that, i was misquoted!

Andrew said...

I'd show her my woo face. It's prettier than Secretari . . .um, Ronaldinho's.

Eladio said...

Illinois/Missouri will be the best game of the weekend.

My DTV listings isn't showing that Setanta is showing the CL Draw today at noon...they usually do though. Anyone on this side of the pond know if it'll be broadcast anywhere in the states? or online?

The NY Kid said...

They claim to have it here

Kopper said...

Or, in English, you can go to ESPN 360 where they will have it.