Sunday, May 25, 2008

Nereida Gallardo Is Healthy

Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United just completed a double, winning the Premier and Champions League. The Portuguese star is now taking aim at Euro 2008, but he's already bagged another winner, Nereida Gallardo. The Portuguese beauty (Gallardo not Ronaldo) has shown us her assets (NSFW), already and now her friends are telling us her secrets.

Before she bagged herself the premier footballer in the world, Gallardo dated Pedro Campane, a 40-year-old football agent. Campane wasn't shy telling News of the World (note: always reliable, or not) all about his time with Gallardo.

"She didn't have any hang-ups. She liked doing everything in every position. Nereida doesn't know much about football but she knows lots about men—and how to please them. Cristiano must be having a mind-blowing time."


"I was introduced to her at a party and we became more than friends straight away," he said. "She was 22, very hot, and I wasn't going to waste any time. Conquering her was very easy. She liked partying and money and I could give her both."

Ha, she was an easy lay. All he had to do was part with his money. Hmmm...perhaps she's the one doing the conquering. Gallardo is tipped to become Mrs. Ronaldo, garnering even more money for her.

[Photo: The Spoiler]


Ryan Mac said...

i read this post but i don't remember what it was about ... love the link to "assets" ... can't form complete thoughts anymoreeee......

Anonymous said...

she's kind of tranny-ish. after a little help from the googles i found a whole bunch more photos of her, if you get turned on by the possibility of a penis

houroc said...

hammer is either an idiot or blind. This chick is fucking hot... I'd like to see your girl...