Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Backpasses: Toulon Tournament Semifinals

The Toulon Tournament moved on to the semifinals today. Chile took on Ivory Coast in the first semifinal, while Italy and Japan met in the second. A quick recap as well as backpass links after the jump.

Chile 2-1 Ivory Coast
This game started off with a bang. Ivory Coast took control of the game from the kick, but it was Chile that drew first blood. In the 5th minute, Pedro Morales took control of the ball at midfield, channeled his inner Beckham, and launched a shot that soared in over the head of keeper Christian Okuoa. Ivory Coast continued to dominate the game and received their spoils in the 40th. On a free kick from the right side, the Ivorians scored by shielding the keeper. Constant Djakpa got the final touch. However, Chile stole the game on the 60th on a swift counterattack. Fabian Orellana headed the ball home. Ivory Coast continued to put shots on goal, but Chilean keeper Christopher Toselli kept them at bay.

Italy 0-0 Japan
Italy 5-4 on PKs

Can't really say too much about this game, as I did not watch it. I did, however, see the PKs. The difference was Italian goalkeeper Davide Bassi. He saved the fourth spot kick when, diving to his left, he reached up his trailing right hand to knock out the shot. Japanese keeper Shusaka Nishikawa got burned on his fourth attempt at a save when the ball was cheekily chipped down the middle. That may have had an effect on his attempt at the game-winning kick, when Nishikawa was hesitant to move on a savable ball to his right.

So, it's Italy-Chile in the Toulon final on Thursday. The game will kick off at 1430ish EDT. It is preceded by the third-place match, Ivory Coast-Japan, at 1200 EDT.

Today's Lesson: Be a Scottish football fan, riot in England, suffer no repercussions back home [Evening Times]
Internazionale fire their coach, Mourinho rumo(u)rs begin right here [Soccernet]
Thierry Henry seriously considered moving to Manchester United in the offseason [Mirosport]
Old Italian guy says today's football has no eternal heroes. Has he not seen Titus Bramble? [Goal.com]
Today's Lesson #2: Don't be a dick to off-duty referees. They will refuse en masse to ever ref your team's games again [The Press and Journal]
Jack Warner, now paid off for T&T-England friendly, still wants more money. Will personally fight England getting WC in 2018 [Guardian]


Mike Georger said...

1) i still dont understand this toulon thing

2) most sports' refs are deceptively big in real life, sure they look small on tv, but they are usually in great shape and dont like to be second guessed in a non sports setting

3) i read jack warner, but my brain hears 'jack horner'. eddie adams from torrence, i knew youd make it!

ü75 said...

Toulon Tournament-usually U-21, this year allowed USA to bring U-23 squad. Two groups of four teams play World Cup style groups, top two advance to semis.
It's an invitational, separate from both FIFA and UEFA. Worth watching if you want to see some up and coming players and/or kids seriously fuck shit up on the pitch.

It should be noted that the USA did not bring their top U-23 squad, but instead borderline Olympic call-ups. Regardless, they looked horrible except for the second half aginst Turkey.

hockalees said...

I call shenanigans on that TH14 to ManUre story... no WAY he plays for them. I still think he will end up in the MLS, perhaps after next season.

The NY Kid said...

I know this doesn't necessarily mean anything, but Titi's repeated statements about how much he loved Arsenal and would only return to the EPL (suck it, Barclays!) for them lead me to agree with hockalees. I too call shenanigans.

As for Toulon, despite 3-4 instances of shambolic defending, Japan impressed me overall. I think they were the second-best team behind the baby Azzuri.

Ian said...

Jack Warner, a great advertisement for the cleanliness of FIFA. What a slimeball.