Friday, May 23, 2008

Manchester bring home another trophy

Some cities have all of the luck. Like Detroit steadily marching to both NBA and NHL titles this year (I hope), Manchester was not content to have their teams bring home just one trophy this month. A week before Manchester United finished off Chelsea in the Champions League final, Village Manchester FC won the GFSN National League Cup. GFSN? That's Gay Football Supporters Network.

Your GFSN League Cup winners

On May 11, Village Manchester defeated Leicester Wildecats 3-2 to lift the cup, scoring the winner deep into extra time. However, the game was not without controversy. The final was held in Mansfield, and some of the locals did not take kindly to the sexual preferences of the players. Possibly because they felt left out at not being invited to the (I hear) fabulous post-game showers, these locals taunted and abused the players, management and supporters of the clubs. Thankfully, the less-enlightened folk were quickly escorted out of the ground.

Don't worry, closeted English homophobes. You'll have another chance to get thrown out of a stadium quite soon. In August, Leftfooters FC will host the International Gay Lesbian Football Association World Championship in London. The FA is helping to organize volunteers and match officials for the tournament, which is being called the "biggest gay sporting event ever hosted in the UK." I guess all of those games with Cristiano Ronaldo playing don't count because of the other players on the field, huh?


Goat said...

So are the supporters gay too or do they just support gay football? I'm so confused.

The NY Kid said...

You know how I know you're gay? You play on a gay footy squad!

/too easy

Ian said...

Cristiano Ronaldo's agent is trying to force a transfer.

ü75 said...

I would guess the supporter's predilections are not easily identifiable by the fact that they are at a gay football match. That is to say, there are all tastes in the stands, much like a normal football match.

Lingering Bursitis said...

11 guys, 1 cup

Goat said...

Well, according to your average American homophobe, all soccer players and fans are gay.