Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Kiwi Kid

If juggling prowess translated to footie dominance, this guy would be more hated than Cristiano Ronaldo. Thankfully this equation does not compute. Otherwise, I should have been practicing juggling all the time when I was a youngin' instead of freekicks, dribbling, and increasing my endurance. New Zealander Riley Kelliher wants to solve this equation and is intent on becoming a football star.

A soccer whiz kid can juggle a ball more than 4,000 times. It is a
skill which got Riley Kelliher to the world cup and now he is using it to get to the US, where he is aiming to grab the attention of English club the Bolton Wanderers.

Aim high kid, aim high. Actually, Riley could probably help Bolton score a few goals.

Of course, I jest. I applaud this kid's drive. It has gotten him to the world cup and helped him at least get the interest of scouts. In fact, I encourage Manchester United to sign him right now.

[Photo: Scoop Independent News]


ü75 said...

Nothing like reaching for the stars. I know when I talk to my son about soccer I tell him, "Imagine. One day you could make it all the way to Bolton."

hockalees said...

Interested teams can contact his agent in NY; Murray Hewitt, c/o New Zealand Consulate.

ü75 said...

Oh man, that made me LOL.