Tuesday, May 20, 2008

1 Addict, 1 Cup

No, this post isn't about former premiership squad Charlton FC and its quest for silverware. Not is it a coprophilic story. Rather, it's about the continuing drug addled saga of Pete Doherty's and a cup. Doherty's a QPR devotee and this past weekend participated in a celebrity soccer match at Millwall. Doherty's squad lost the match, which might explain his behavior.

Babyshambles were given access to the chairman’s office so the attention surrounding Pete wouldn’t get in the way of all the other guests.

“He decided to play a prank but overstepped the mark.

“One of the security guards was tipped off that Pete was trying to take a trophy. When he checked it out he found that Pete wasn’t nicking it, he was filling it up.

It's tough to blame Doherty. He's been in and out of rehab and jail and always has to pee in a cup. It was just instinct.

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