Friday, February 22, 2008

Wearing Those Colors in South Central Will Get You Shot

There's a Championship this weekend.

The FA Cup? Nope. The Premiership? uh-uh. The Champions League? No, sorry.

And damn Hirshey for beating us to "The Sippy Cup."

No, it's the Carling Cup and it features a Chelsea team that has played maybe two quality opponents in the past two months (and are 0-1-1 in those matches) versus the cock and balls (aka Tottenham).

Word on the street (and by 'street' I mean a few blogs) is that Spurs fans are paying around £600 for tickets whereas similar seats in Chelsea sections are going for £200.

That tells me one thing.

Jesus, people are willing to pay a lot of money for a largely meaningless match.

I guess if you haven't won anything of note since, what, the '91 FA Cup (and I'm not going to go look it up because A) I'm not allowing Tottenham to take up more of my time and B) this is a blog and, as such, almost encourages lazy journalism) then you get a little desperate.

If you barrack for Spurs, that's probably a nice looking hooker you could get for £600 instead. At least then, you'd know what it's like to score. Although 'nice looking' and 'hooker' might be mutually exclusive in England.

This week's fixtures from on-high:


Bonus League Cup score. Take it to Vegas...


...and see if they even give a shit about this match.


Lingering Bursitis said...

It was 1991. I mentioned it in the Gazza post... last thing they ever won, and Gazza watched it from a hospital bed.

Josh said...

Even Carling could give a shit about the Carling Cup