Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Avram Grant receives envelope of powdery death

And no, that's not urine in her glass

Avram Grant, already an unpopular man thanks to the dour brand of football he's brought to Stamford Bridge, just reached the upper echelons of unpopular with the news that death threats for Avram were sent to Chelsea's training ground.

According to the BBC:

A note addressed to Grant was opened by a member of staff. It was found to contain anti-Jewish insults as well as claims that the powder was lethal.
Police were called to the facility in Cobham, Surrey, and later found that the powder was harmless. Threats were also made to Avram's wife, Tzofit, a well-known personality back in Israel.

Detectives are still trying to figure out motive and a source for the package, although it's believed that the real crime is why this wasn't sent to Frank Lampard instead. You know, because he's crap and all.

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