Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Who's scaring who?

I always figured that Almunia had a bad dye job. But perhaps the bigger problem for Arsene and Co. is that he has found himself dealing with more ethereal pursuits?

So it seems that our Favorite Keeper for the Gunners bought a house, that may have some problems. No, not your run-of-the-mill Spurs fans urinating in the garden like most folks have to deal with. No, it seems as though Almunia owns a haunted cottage. It seems as though this was known before they bought the place, and the apparition in question appears as a monk.

One night, we were sleeping and my wife suddenly woke me up with a shout. She said there was this monk-like figure with a candle in his hand. She was in bed, next to me. I didn’t see him but I was s*** scared.
Are we sure that wasn't the gardener sneaking over for a little of the old extra work? It doesn't seem to matter, just the thought of a spectre has spooked him. It's also taken to turning up the stereo (no word on whether on what the music of choice the ghost has).

You noticed I didn't say "castle." He's just the keeper, mind you, and doesn't have the dosh to afford a full-on castle. However, if it was Henry, he would have had the castle that would be infested with the visions of slow-moving Spaniards, but Henry would have still missed them.

Good Luck to Arsenal in their match this afternoon with AC Milan in the Champions League. Hopefully this sort of distraction will not keep the boys from rolling along.


Josh said...

Who would've thought Lehmann was the more mentally stable of the two?

Eladio said...

You would have to think the ghost would be blasting "Spanish Bombs", no?

MoonshineMike said...

si, eladio, si.