Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The WTF

Last week I highlighted a kit that some had decried as ugly, but which I though was quite attractive. Today, I will do none of the same. In fact, when your kit is voted the worst of all time in a (small) poll of Britons, well, it's just plain bad. If we had a jump, I'd save it for afterwards, but instead here it is:

Ladies, does that drive you wild with primal delight? Men, do you fear for your safety? Kids, do you want to pet the guy in front of you while cooing "kitty"? I'm guessing that the last reaction is most likely. The only think I can think of that would be worse to wear is if they made an entire kit out of these socks.

Oddly, though this shirt was only used for one season, the next one used was little better. As you can see on this page (scroll down), they next time out they went with a shirt that looks like what happens to carbon paper when you crumple it up tightly. Luckily for Hull City fans, their club chooses a much more sensible combination of colors today, even if they have that Umbro mess under the arms this season.

Before I go, one more full-frontal picture for your pleasure. Feel free to link to other horrible shirts in the comments.


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That certainly is not a bonus in my book.

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I love this column.