Thursday, January 3, 2008

Maybe Liverpool Should Sign This Whole Squad

What could definitely be considered an upset of epic proportions, but Raleigh youth squad CASL 91 Elite beat Chelsea FC 2-1 in the championship of Disney Soccer Showcase U-16 Showcase Division. Sidenote: The tourney name could definitely be improved upon.

I'm not quite sure how Chelsea FC assembles their youth squads, but I am pretty sure they frequently sign players to play for them and recruit them from all over the place. Whereas, most youth club teams in the states don't pay their players (some do it to get some great immigrant to play for them, but in my experience they don't normally) and the recruiting is minimal.

Live it up CASL 91 Elite U-16 because you have reached the peak of your soccer glory and it is all downhill from here on out. Or, maybe I could be an optimist and say this proves a lot about the ascendancy of soccer in the U.S. I prefer the former.

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ü75 said...

CASL squads show up in tourneys around me, but I've never thought them to be world beaters. Granted, they got a boost by playing on their home continent but still, this is huge for them.