Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Good, The Bad, The WTF

Usually, this column is used to bring back the horrors of the past. The kits so bad you can't even sell them on the eBays. You know what I'm talking about--think Jorge Campos at USA '94, but for the whole team. Day-glo abominations and "interesting" patterns will rule the day.

Today, though, in the spirit of Christmas, or whatever winter solstice holidays you observe, I'm going to play nice. Doubly so since it's a Tottenham shirt. I mean, even if they can't ever beat Arsenal (see below post), they can at least look nice (3rd jersey/Europe 2nd only).

This may sound odd, and there may be plenty of objections, but I loved the 06/07 brown Tottenham jersey. Unlike the usual English pastiche of red, white and/or blue, this brown really stood out. Here, have a look:

Swank, huh? I like the over the top gold script and badge as well. Because if any English team deserves it, it's (not Manchester United, not Arsenal, not Liverpool) Tottenham.

Here's what it looks like with UEFA Cup badges. Of course, it could have been Champions League iron-ons, if not for the unfortunate food poisoning.

Brown shirts aren't found too often on the continent, either. Unless, of course, you follow a militant left-wing German club. I love St. Pauli, and I love that they do things like elect cross-dressing presidents. I also love that, for some reason, they are amenable to bringing over American players. But I have no idea why the beautiful brown shirts (heh) decided they could get away with camouflage. Football's a battle and all, but not like this.

Besides, the all-brown look is a definite step-up from this year's UEFA Cup (again!) change-strip, the horrendous two-tone 125th anniversary look. I'm guessing they've worn this more than once, but the only time I saw it featured was the Martin-Jol-is-already-fired match against Getafe. Pay special attention to the long sleeves and revel in this shirt's stupidity.

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Ian said...

I know they are pink and would be a good shirt for a maternirty ward, but I really like the Benfica away jerseys.

The Fan's Attic said...

Another hideous pink jersey:

ü75 said...

I know pink jerseys abound around the Mediterranean. The Benfica jersey is especially compelling since it follows the current adidas design, making it look like one side of intestinal tract is covered by Pepto-Bismol, while the other part is still waiting its turn.