Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Totti proves he is indeed made of glass

Francesco Totti -your basic good looking, talismanic Roma striker- hurt his knee in Sunday's 1-1 draw with Livorno, which basically handed the Scudetto to massively uninspiring Inter Milan. Its unfortunate as Totti had recovered from whatever ailed him against Man U (sore vag) to score a cracking goal against Catania in the midweek. After surgery on Monday, it was confirmed that he will be out for four months, which rules him out of Euro 2008. But Totti's pain may turn out to be a certain Val Kilmer lookalike's gain (sorry, that was a ugly sentence).

That would be Atonio Cassano, who scored for Sampdoria against Udinense to keep the Genoa club in the hunt for a European place. It was his first goal after the five game suspension he served for going totally batshit crazy on a ref a few months back. UF doesn't want to jinx Cassano again, but can we just humbly propose to Mr. Donadoni that Cassano might deserve a call up. After all, his biggest frenemy on the Azurri squad was probably Totti, due to thier bust up at Roma when Cassano went to Real Madrid. But with Francesco out of the picture, perhaps Antonio can be a team player? He would seem like the ideal striker to throw on late in games if Toni or Del Piero are laboring, and he is certainly much younger than most of the geriatric legs that Italians seem intent on running out there in SwitzerAustria. Free Val! Er...Antonio!


Mike Georger said...

hasnt totti been retired from international duty since last summer? i seem to remember him refusing to play for italy this summer, prior to his injury of course

The Fan's Attic said...

mikey has a point. totti did retire from international play.


Ian said...

Research, smeserach. Regardless of your "facts", he still gets a hurt lot, and Cassano still deserves a spot in the Azurri this summer.