Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Backpasses: Can these all be Hirshey related?

NASL Cosmos' championship rings for sale. Hirshey set to deliver beatdown [The Offside Rules]
Henry will only return to England for Arsenal. Hirshey set to deliver "boo-yah" [The Spoiler]

More fun after the jump.

Spain's Defense Ministry has a crappy set of tubes [Independent]
English footballers want Luciano Moggi to shut up [Pink News]
Six refs suspended in Bulgaria [SoccerAmerica Daily]
Viennese voice coach says fans in danger of losing voices at Euros [SoccerAmerica Daily]
South African club owner found guilty of corruption and bribery [Football365 South Africa]
Omaha youth player caught by stray bullet [Comcast Sports]
Okay, can we agree some Old Firm fans are twats? [Celtic Mad]
Olympic group draws done [World Cup Blog]
Soon-to-be Mrs. Rooney in a bikini. Meh [Kickette]
Levante, the Gretna of Spain. Possible player strike would ensure relegation [Soccerway]


hockalees said...

(dusting off the Henry kit from mothballs)

Honestly, though, I don't care if he comes back to Emirates at this point... just as long as I didn't have to watch him play against us in another Prem team's shirt.

Mike Georger said...

if all the articles are about making a ton of super smug posts on deadspin then fading away into the shadows as your team shits the bed down the stretch, then yes