Thursday, April 24, 2008

This Time He Missed

Diego Maradona, international soccer superstar, is in the press again, which it happens he is most happy to be even if not for the most glamorous of actions. This time Diego was leaving a Buenos Aries courthouse following an arbitration between him and his former manager, Guillermo Coppola (no word whether this is the next Nicholas Coppola). Leaving the building there was a phalanx of reporters following Maradona and a little fracas appears to have broken out.

Live television showed Maradona and his former wife, Claudia Villafane, as they tried to escape through a crowd of journalists. Maradona was heard to shout: "Don't push Claudia."

With camera crews and reporters surrounding him, Maradona was seen throwing a punch that apparently missed. There were no reports of injuries, but Maradona can be heard on video complaining: "They hit me with a camera!"

Ironically, the man known worldwide for punching a soccerball missed his intended target.

Asked for comment, England said, "Why couldn't this little shrimp have missed in '86?"

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