Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Backpasses: Apparently not all Old Firm fans are twats. Who knew?

Celtic goodie two-shoes links.

Celtic supports Liverpool dead, 18 years on [Celtic-mad]
And another picture from that tribute [LFC Vancouver]
Run-on sentences detailing good times in Lisbon [Celtic-mad]

Other, more recent, fun after the jump.

Scottish scientists have figured out why England are crap at penalties [Scotsman]
Even Reina knows more about penalties than C. Ronaldo []
FIFA tells suspended footballer to give up fight for reinstatement [Soccernet]
Liverpool fans tell Riise they no longer care for him [The Spoiler]
Cardiff can go to Europe if they win FA Cup, to represent England, despite being Welsh [Sky Sports]
Robbie Keane, menace on the road [Soccernet, The Sun]


Eladio said...

I need some help understanding the whole UEFA Cup invite vis a vis Cardiff and Portsmouth.

I know that normally the winner of the FA Cup get a UEFA spot, and if that winner already qualified for Europe, the runner-up gets the spot. I was under the impression that Portsmouth has already qualified for UEFA Cup as the English FA said since Cardiff is a Welsh team, they would have to qualify thru the Welsh FA. Does this latest ruling mean that, now that the English FA has said if Cardiff wins they'll get their spot, that Portsmouth now HAS to win to get a European berth next year?

So freakin' confusing...

The NY Kid said...

I'm not sure if Pompey get screwed if Cardiff win the FA Cup, but UEFA has said that if the FA don't award the spot to Cardiff that they (UEFA) would give them a wild card spot.

Ian said...

Gentlemen, just relax. We know that a team with David James on it isn't going to choke away the FA Cup against someone from a Colaship.

The NY Kid said...

No, clearly David James would never make any mistakes in goal that would completely embarass himself and his team.

ü75 said...


At this time, the only league spots that are qualifying for Europe are: 1-4 to the Champions League and 5 to the UEFA Cup. The League Cup win gave Spurs a UEFA Cup slot, and the last one will be decided in the FA Cup. But, If Portsmouth win and overtake 5th spot (currently 4 points back), then I think that places 5 and 6 go into the UEFA Cup. I could very well be wrong about that, though.

As for Cardiff having to qualify through Wales, that's English FA sour grapes, methinks. The FA accepts Cardiff and 2 other Welsh squads playing in the league system (though Wrexham is on its way out), and undoubtedly takes their dues. For the FA to say that they cannot take the spoils of winning a sponsored competition is disingenuous, to say the least.

The NY Kid said...

We need a post detailing how the competitions are related to one another (e.g. Carling Cup, FA Cup, UEFA Cup, Champions League)

Mike Georger said...

theres going to be a liverpool/celtic friendly next year for the anniversary with players who were on the teams when it went down, should be pretty moving. theres a strong relationship between the club. i think king kenny might have had a BIT to do with that