Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Follow Up: Slapping ban for Australian keeper shortened

As all of you undoubtedly remember, back in February Australian keeper Danny Vukovic was banned for 15 months for giving a referee an unwanted high five. The ban was quickly reduced to nine months with a further six months on probation. Unfortunately, the ban was still too long for Vukovic, Australia's starting U-23 keeper, to participate in the Beijing Olympics. Amazingly, common sense has prevailed.

Apparently, the Australian FA allows an infinite number of appeals, somewhat like the US legal system, and a further appeal to an independent committee reduced Vukovic's ban further. Of course, they did not specify the length of the ban now, but I would guess that it ends August 7, 2008. Oddly, the change in bannination does not affect his A-League status further, as Vukovic is still not allowed to play in the domestic competition until October.

It's obvious that someone or group has stepped in and said Vukovic must be available for the Olympics. If I had a guess, I would say that such negotiations have been going on for most of the two months since the ban was announced. Anyway, for those that don't remember, or are new to the site, here is the video of the vicious attack.

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