Monday, October 20, 2008

So What Happened This Weekend?

Spurs in freefall, Liverpool continue their Great Escape theme, and Hull remain in the Top 4.

Arsenal 3, Everton 1
Three second-half goals for the Gooners were enough to put down the ridiculously short-handed Everton, who went ahead early thanks to Leon Osman. Nasri, van Persie and Walcott netted, all of them in a horribly stylish manner I'm sure. The match also saw allegations of missile-throwing against the home fans; you decide.

Aston Villa 0, Portsmouth 0
Two teams that clearly have no idea what they're doing. Both teams were less-than-impressive, and Pompey midfielder Sean Davis was unlucky to see red 10 minutes from time. Carew should have snatched all 3 points for Villa towards the end, but the point keeps them both in the top 7.

Bolton 0, Blackburn 0
Stupid Fucking Bolton, and Stupid Fucking Blackburn for not murdering them.

Fulham 0, Sunderland 0
Move on.

Liverpool 3, Wigan 2
I feel bad for Wigan, I really do. Thanks to two wonderfully ugly goals by Kuyt, the wizardry of Amr Zaki went home pointsless and distraught. Third EPL game in a row that an opponent has seen red for clattering into Xabi Alonso. You think they'd learn by now.

Man United 4, West Brom 0
I had bet on a 3-0 home win, but an 89th minute goal for Nani ruined it and gave me yet another reason to hate the Red Devils with every fiber of my being (as if I needed any more).

Middlesbrough 0, Chelsea 5
Much in the same way that Liverpool can't keep coming from behind in the last 15 minutes after a red card to win, Chelsea can't keep scoring 4 or 5 a game to win, can they? They are +16 on Goal Difference after just 8 matches. That's disgusting. Belletti's goal was also disgusting, in a good way.

Hull 1, West Ham 0
The feel-good story of the EPL season gets feel-goodier. This week, it was Turner's turn to deliver the magic normally reserved for Geovanni. Why oh why did you sell him, Man City? Idiots.

Stoke 2, Tottenham 1
Two Spurs red cards, a serious injury to Corluka caused by his own goalkeeper, and a Rory Delap goal not related to a throw-in. Ridiculous, really. Ramos better be packing his bags. Seriously though, they're playing some epically shit football lately. Darren Bent's goal was offside, and they coughed up two penalties. Bolton next week? Can you really bet on a Tottenham win?

[All vids from 101GreatGoals, who do the Lord's work]


Keith said...

LB, Mike Riley and his jumpy whistle took any sense of flow out of the Villa-Pompey game. Carew was unlucky to hit the bar, and Defoe was stupid to crack a sitter over the bar. That game was spoiling for a goal to open it up, but both backlines did excellent jobs (Campbell and Distin were excellent on the 30 Villa corners)

Mike Georger said...

i bought fifa last week and decided to do a dynasty with hull. after two games i bailed and started one with munich (i cant create myself and use liverpool, i feel bad taking a roster spot from someone i like). hull had no money and no coaching, it was horrible.

Chris said...

Pretty accurate on the Villa game, sadly.

Mike Georger said...

a resounding 'BOOOOOOO' for the deadspin effort today.

two of the four red cards have had no bearing on liverpool's outcomes. at least they can hold points against promoted teams at home if they cant beat them.