Wednesday, October 22, 2008

He Said, She Said = Sad Child.

Cardiff diving sensation Ross McCormack hasn't seen his son in quite a while but it's not his fault... honest!

Scottish international McCormack signed for Cardiff this summer and has 8 goals to his name this season (one was a penalty after his dive against Norwich). He also recently made his debut for Scotland. Life must be good!

Well, not for McCormack's 2-year-old son Hayden.

In an interview with Wales on Sunday, McCormack blames his lack of contact with Hayden on his ex, Lesleyanne, stating that she does not like his new bird Courtney:

"Since Courtney and I moved to Cardiff, I have longed to have Hayden down to spend time with us. Initially we were staying in rented accommodation, which unfortunately wasn’t a suitable environment for a young child, so we have waited until we are settled into our newly-bought property before pushing for Hayden to come down to visit."
His ex has a completely different view of things:
"When Hayden was about six months old he said he was going to his mum’s for a break and he didn’t come back basically. I have told him that if he is home in Scotland he can come here anytime. Ross and his girlfriend are not the issue. This is about Ross and Hayden."
Who to believe, eh?

Maybe this will help. McCormack has twice been back to Scotland and twice failed to visit his son:
"I have only been able to travel back to Scotland twice since leaving for Wales in the summer, and both occasions were only due to international duty, so I was unable to see anyone, including Hayden, as I was in training."
Now, come on! What a load of bollocks.

It's actually quite sad. The poor professional footballer who hasn't got the time! The footballer who trains 3-4 mornings/afternoons a week and plays on a Saturday. The poor footballer on $20,000 a week.

Last time I checked, Scotland was not that far away from Cardiff! In fact, if Mr McCormack went here, he could discover 3 daily flights from Bristol (25 miles away) for only 64 quid! That's about 120 bucks. Or he could go here and choose from numerous flights leaving Cardiff International Airport for Glasgow on Flybe.

Alternatively McCormack could drive to Scotland. Cardiff to Glasgow is just 400 miles or about 6 hrs in the comfortable sports car he is likely driving!

As for the Scotland trip, if you asked George Burley if you can go and visit your son in the afternoons/evenings whilst you are with the national team I am sure he is not going to say no, is he?

To be honest, I don't blame Lesleyanne for not wanting Hayden to stay in Cardiff. Does she know McCormack's new squeeze? Or whether McCormack himself has any parenting skills? He buggered off when the boy was 6 months old. Hardly proved he is ready to cope, has he? We are talking about a 2-year-old here and old Bigus knows what's involved there as Bigus Jr is currently 2.

McCormack wants his son to be allowed to stay with him and is seeking legal advice, but what is clear here is that he has not been bothered to visit the boy since the summer. His excuses are pathetic and I am sure a judge will agree.

- Bigus.


lesley said...

well done bigus dickus, totally agree with ur comments, theyr all so true, shame the poor professional cant agree eh

AGNESW_08 said...


BOOHOO said...

People who don't know the full story really owt to keep their comments to themselves!...(and even the one's who do the full story at that..!!! Seeing as it's the same "poor poor me" scripts they hit out with 24/7)
No denying it's a shame for Ross's son, this situation, but it is also a bigger shame that the child is only suffering because of his mothers bitterness.